Memorials inside St Mary's Church

This article records details from all of the memorials that can be found inside St Mary's Parish Church, Norton.

[On the floor in the room beneath the tower]

Whilst there are no names or dates on this stone there are other clues that suggest it is most likely the memorial for William and Anne Lane.  The letters W, L and A can still be seen around the edge of the stone, the left half of the coat of arms depicted shows the arms of the Lane family.

[On the north wall of the chancel]

Here resteth what was mortal of Richard Browne gent who was taken from among the living, the 22nd of March 1635, aged 32 years and 4 months.  “Wee once were five and I (such was my lot) the last that made & first that broke the knot.  Wee lov’d and liv’d alike each dear to other and in effect each man an elder brother”.  Also near this place lyeth John the son of Richard Browne gent who died Nov 1715 aged 84.

[On the south wall of the chancel]

Sacred to the memory of Richard Butt of Wallsworth in this County who died July 28th 1818 aged 62 years.  Also of Martha, his wife, who died December 28th 1874, aged 84 years.  Also of William son of the above who died May the 18th 1834 aged 17 years.

Also of Emily daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Butt who died Sept 28th 1834 aged 6 weeks.

Also of SamL Vick Butt, who died April 3rd 1860, aged 9 months.

Also of Francis Butt, who died Febry 4th 1864, aged 6 months.

[On the south wall of the chancel]

To the glory of God and in memory of Robert Marks vicar of this parish for twenty years.  Born February 23rd 1835.  Died August 6th 1907.

Rev Marks is also commemorated in the stained glass windows that stand behind the altar.  [The windows are described in detail under Rev Marks’ entry in the account of the parish vicars].

[Hanging above the altar]

The oil ‘sanctuary lamp’ was given in 1961 by Mrs Walker of Norton Court in memory of her husband, Capt Walker.

The Walkers have a memorial in the churchyard just outside the tower door.  “George Norton Walker of Norton Court 24th December 1956.  Meta Baird Norton Walker 11th December 1971.  Also his son Charles Seddon Norton Walker 25th July 2000”.

[Standing on the steps of the chancel].

In memory of Fanny Mullens and her daughter Miss Edith Mullens who loved this church.


[Standing on the floor, against the south wall, in the room beneath the tower, this tablet was moved to St Mary’s when St John’s Chapel at Norton Green was sold and ceased to be a chapel]

In Memoriam.  Richard Taylor, late of Norton, died at Dursley Jany 20th 1881.  Aged 92 years.  This tablet is placed here by his two surviving daughters in lasting memory of their father & mother through whose Christian zeal to do good this chapel was erected.  Prov. X. Chap. 7. Verse.

[In the room beneath the tower].

“To the glory of God and in memory of Ernest Austin who for over fifty years journeyed from Gloucester to serve this church and Sunday School and was called to higher service 22nd March 1934.  Well done good and faithful servant”. [See more about Ernest in the article about the Methodist Chapel].

[Built into the south wall in the room beneath the tower].

Although there is no name associated with this magnificent stone coffin lid it is believed to date from the 13th century and to be that of a priest.  It has been suggested that it was discovered during the church’s 1876 restoration and moved to its current location at that time.