Red Roofs

At the time of the Inclosure Act in 1807, the land where Red Roofs, and a number of other properties have now been built, was Plot No 355, an allotment in Upper Church Field, 1-0-14 and was owned by Robert Barnard who also owned other land in Norton at this time.  There were no buildings on this side of Church Lane at all.  Robert Barnard appears to have been living at what is now Church House, next to the gates to St Mary’s, Norton.

The Barnard family lost a son shortly after this date and the parish register for Norton records that on 2 February 1809 “John Baylis, John Holder, Richard Lea, John Bridgeman and William Barnard, were buried. The above five last named men were unfortunately drowned”. William still has a memorial at St Mary’s alongside his parents Hannah who died in 1817 and Robert who died in 1823.

“In memory of William the son of Robert and Hannah Barnard of this parish who died January 29th 1809 aged 18 years. Death with … when … my parents … twas God … time.”

“In memory of Robert Barnard of this parish who died Octr 9th 1823 aged 65 years. In action prudent and in word sincere. In friendship faithful and in honour dear Thro lifes vain scenes the same in every part. A steady judgement and an honest heart. Also of Hannah his wife who died May 11th 1817 aged 63 years. Meek was her temper pious was her life A tender mother and a faithful wife Alas ! shes gone dear object of my love To increase the number of the Saints above”.

I believe that at some time the plot of land came into the ownership of Benges Farm.

Red Roofs was built on land that belonged to Richard and Margaret Beale of Benges Farm shortly prior to 1960.

The first residents were John D and Evelyn J Hilyer who were here between at least 1960-63.  John David Hilyer had married Evelyn Joyce Williams at St Mary’s, Norton, in 1958.

In 1966 Francis R, Irene E and son Christopher K McLoughlin were here. Francis had married Irene Kelly at Wolverhampton in 1943 and Christopher was born on the Isle of Wight in 1944.

In 1985 Gerald C and Julie Jones were resident.  Gerald Colin had married Julie Hyam at St Lawrence, Sandhurst, in 1979.

Gerald Glinn was here in 2022.  Gerald grew up at Kontiki, Bishops Norton, son of Raymond and Phyllis Glinn.